Bush Car Wash is now part of the Mister Car Wash Family. 509-579-0061.


Employee washing car

We take "clean" seriously. It's a family tradition.

The Bush family has been in the car business for decades, with their second generation now at the helm. So, it makes sense that a family with a serious passion for vehicles also invests in keeping them clean! Bush Car Wash's flagship facility and headquarters is located on Aaron Drive in Richland. To make a long story short, these are "car people" with a proud legacy in the community.

The vision for Bush Car Wash began in 2007 with the late Ned Gosnell, brother of Tim Bush. Ned recognized a need for a premium car wash facility in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. Before Ned's dream could be realized, he passed away unexpectedly. Soon after, Tim, TJ, Blake and team pursued Ned's vision, and studied the industry thoroughly, analyzing best practices and technological opportunities.

Today, Bush Car Wash operates in honor of Ned and his family. The business gives regularly to the local community, including a number of college funds. Bush Car Wash is soon to be four locations, and growing.